From The Sea Hamper
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From The Sea Hamper


This hamper is displayed in a beautiful, well-made picnic basket and inspired by the beautiful coastline of Pembrokeshire, a must for any sea farers hamper.

  • Mermaid Confetti
    Made with a perfect blend of dried toasted laver seaweed, Welsh Sea Salt crystals and dried dulse seaweed creating an extraordinary seasoning which will add a new level of flavour to any dish.
  • Welshmans Cavier
    Welshman's caviar is handpicked laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast which has been dried and toasted to bring out its unique depth of flavour. Try sprinkled on top of your scrambled eggs or bacon butties!
  • Poachers Relish
    Patum Peperium Poachers Relish Smoked Salmon is a sandwich spread for the refined gentleman.
    Thinly spread it on hot, buttered toast to get the most of the popular unmistakable flavour.
  • Gentlemans Relish
    Gentleman’s Relish is a spiced anchovy paste that is particularly delicious when spread on hot toast. It can also be mixed with the mince meat in shepherd’s pie or melted into scrambled eggs.
  • Wickedly Welsh Chocolate
    Sea Salt and caramel. Locally sourced Anglesey Sea Salt and creamy rich caramel in moreish milk chocolate. 
  • Barti Ddu Rum
    A rum made with Pembrokeshire Seaweed and spiced with notes of vanilla, cloves and orange.
  • Captain Cat's Biscuits
    These crackers are based on the original but with a punchy twist! With the tangy warm Captain Cat's Môr Seasoning blend baked in cheddar cheese.
  • Ship's Biscuits
    Savoury crackers baked with Laverbread, Dulse seaweed and Halen Mon sea salt. Perfect for dips, pates, fish chowders, cheese and meat platters or just as a snack.
  • 2 x Sea Herbs
    Dried seaweed flakes in a handy resealable pouch. Use to add a little flavour to your cooking and a little goodness to your soul!