Pembrokeshire Beach Food Selection
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Pembrokeshire Beach Food Selection


Here is a selection of some of the best of Pembrokeshire produce from the sea and wild seashore plants and seaweeds. They are lovingly hand made by their very own Welsh Mermaids!!

  • Captain Cat's Biscuits
    These crackers are based on the original but with a punchy twist! With the tangy warm Captain Cat's Môr Seasoning blend baked in cheddar cheese.
  • Original Ship's Biscuits
    Savoury crackers baked with Laverbread, Dulse seaweed and Halen Mon sea salt. Perfect for dips, pates, fish chowders, cheese and meat platters or just as a snack.
  • Captain Cat's Mor Seasoning
    This herb and spice seasoning blend is an explosion of flavour, encompassing essences from the sea with warm undertones and a citrus twist.
  • Barti Ddu Rum
    A rum made with Pembrokeshire Seaweed
  • Mermaid Confetti
    A blend of dried toasted laver and dulse seaweed with Halen Mon Sea Salt. Add it into soup, rissotto, pies and one pot dishes. Or even in toasted bread crumbs to create a crunchy topping or crust for fish pie or pasta bake.
  • Welshman's Cavier
    Handpicked laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast which has been dried and toasted to bring out its unique depth of flavour. Perfect for miso soups, stir-fries or simply sprinkled on top of your scrambled eggs or bacon butties.