A Gift From Pembrokeshire
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A Gift From Pembrokeshire

This box of treats is dedicated to our beautiful Pembrokeshire with a chilli twist. Everything in this hamper has been lovingly made within 10 miles of our shops!! The perfect gift for a chilli lover!

  • 2 x Henry Ciders
    Dedicated to the founder of the Tudor dynasty, Henry 8th. This cider is medium dry and an Award Winner!!
  • 2 x Chilli Sauces
    Based in the heart of the Pembrokeshire countryside, their chillies are all home grown and have been awarded the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark for locally grown produce.
  • 2 x Chilli Jams
    Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm has built an enviable reputation for producing a range of superb chilli sauces, jams and spices. These jams have proven to be very versatile and are an excellent accompaniment to many dishes.
  • Potting Shed Pickled Onions
    Handmade in the picturesque Pembrokeshire countryside. Beautifully crunchy with the perfect amount of spice makes these Potting Shed Pickled Onions irresistible!