The Welsh Dragon
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The Welsh Dragon

If you need to buy for a chilli fanatic, look no further!! Containing two delicious welsh cheeses, a spicy welsh chilli jam and relish, crackers and two chilli sauces made in Pembrokeshire. What else would any chilli lover need to spice up their life??

  • 2 x Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm Sauces
    An impeccable sauce made by The Pembrokeshire Cider company in the heart of Pembrokeshire. Wallop a dollap to enhance the heat while adding a great boost of flavour.
  • Snowdonia Red Devil Cheese
    A judicious hit of chilli is the perfect foil for the rich savouriness of Red Leicester. This really comes into its own when melted over nachos, tortilla chips and barbecued burgers. It adds a depth of flavour and an intriguing heat.
  • Potting Shed Hot Relish
    Handmade, made in the picturesque Pembrokeshire countryside. Using only natural ingredients to create the most delicious flavour combinations
  • CWNC Crackers
    Hand baked in Wales, light and airy Welsh buttery savoury crackers.
  • Cenarth Cheese
    Made in the lovely and lush valley of the river Cych, perfectly crafted and encased in wax.
  • Calon Lan Chilli Jam
    Calon Lan chilli jam traditionally hand made in small batches.
    Larder safe and packed in jars to keep in your cupboard. Great for picnics and days out. Perfect for a cheeseboard with chutney.