St Davids Hamper
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St Davids Hamper

This vast basket of welsh goodies, from Tan Y Castell bara brith and welsh cakes to wickedly welsh chocolates. This welsh hamper would satisfy anybody's taste for welsh treats. A little bit of every corner of Wales in a basket.

  • Welsh Fantails
    A hand baked fantail of delicious buttery shortbread, made for breaking into pieces for sharing.
  • Halen Mon Sea Salt
    Made by a family run business in Anglesey. Halen Mon is the best sea salt money can buy and is also a vital ingredient in any food lover’s kitchen.
  • Welsh Punch
    The Original Welsh Punch, based On A Traditional Welsh Recipe. This full Bodied Herb & Spice Non Alcoholic drink is ideal served Hot in Winter or Ice Cold in Summer.
  • Welsh Brew Coffee
    These High grown Arabica beans are roasted to optimise their full aroma and fine character. This ground coffee is suitable for both filter or cafetiere.
  • Welsh Brew Tea
    Using a traditional blend of Kenyan and Assam teas. This tea is a smooth tasting tea made even better by brewing  in your favourite tea pot.
  • Welsh Oatcakes
    Carefully prepared from Daffodil Cottage's own Welsh recipes, using wholesome ingredients to capture the traditional flavour of hand baked biscuits.
  • Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Bar
    Made with the best Belgian chocolate and Wickedly bold flavours are what sets these handmade bars apart from the rest.
  • 2x Welsh Cheese
    Made with pride and bursting with character, the snowdonia cheese company have won many awards for their moreish cheese. Great to add contemporary style to your cheese board!
  • Bara Brith
    A famous welsh cake using a Pembrokeshire recipe with tea soaked fruit, spices and marmalade. Made by a bakery in the heart of Pembrokeshire Tan Y Castell, meaning 'below the castle.
  • Toffee Waffles
    Delicious waffles with a soft butter toffee centre. Best eaten gently warmed over a cup of tea - simply delicious!
  • Chilli Jam
    This fiery, fruity jam made with fresh chillies and apples is the perfect compliment to savoury snacks and dishes.
  • Welsh Fudge
    Golden nuggets of creamy fudge traditionally homemade in small batches and beaten by hand.
  • Welsh Jam
    Handmade jam, made in the picturesque Pembrokeshire countryside. Using only natural ingredients to create the most delicious flavour combinations
  • Welsh Chutney
    Handmade chutney, made in the picturesque Pembrokeshire countryside. Using only natural ingredients to create the most delicious flavour combinations
  • Welsh Cockles
    Gathered from the Burry Estuary using traditional methods by hand and by riddle. These cockles are renowned for their exceptional taste and quality
  • Welshmans Cavier
    Welshman's caviar is handpicked laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast which has been dried and toasted to bring out its unique depth of flavour. Try sprinkled on top of your scrambled eggs or bacon butties!
  • Chilli Sauce
    From the Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm. This sauce packs a punch, perfect for chip dipping!
  • Chilli Grinder
    From the Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm, for peppery heat, ideal to add a boost of spice to everyday cooking.
  • Ships Biscuits
    Savoury crackers baked with Laverbread, Dulse seaweed and Halen Mon sea salt. Perfect for dips, pates, fish chowders, cheese and meat platters or just as a snack.
  • Welsh Cake
    Made with a delicious and traditional farmhouse recipe and using no additives, is a round, flat cake. Containing mixed vine fruits and a soft moist texture. These welsh cakes are beautiful as they are or warmed up with a layer of soft butter!